Bodywork With Aera in beautiful Queen Anne, Seattle WA

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Bodywork with Aera is an Integrative & Interdisciplinary Approach to Your Wellbeing

Located in the Queen Anne Space Building at 1817 Queen Anne Ave N. #407, Seattle WA

We are a self-pay establishment. Tips are included in the price of the service. Any additional tips are added to our Pay It Forward program (web page coming soon), which serves the needs of low income & disabled individuals in need of urgent care in order to return to work, or recover from injury.

Please see our Accessibility Points page to determine if this space will meet your needs.
Plenty of 2 hour free parking available (both back-in and parallel).
Our Services & Disease Control Polices are here.
KN95 or better masks are required at all times.
We are committed to Cleaner Air and to a Scent-Free space.
We only use Olive Oil and Full Spectrum (nut-free) Hemp CBD Oil.

A Word from Aera

Part of my philosophy of self care is that quality of life matters, too, and practicality is a must! Too often we are putting pressure on people to do better at self care.

Too often we are holding people on pedestals for practicing the best self care.
It’s subjective. It truly is. Just like we put an over emphasis on self love, and we scorn/alienate people who we think “don’t love themselves enough”.

Rewarding people for what we think the best self care routine is, is holding hands with Toxic Positivity and Ableism. In my practice I coach people on self care from a mindset of practicality and accessibility.

I don’t want my clients resisting the process, but rather to lean in to what they want to do, and what they can control. It’s an easing-in of toes into what can be intense water here. Everyone comes here from a different place in their care management. I don’t rush or push my clients to do anything, except maybe to go to the doctor if I have found something pressing in my examination. I have helped people get the proper diagnosis that way, and then their quality of life begins to improve!

Better Baselines isn’t about fixing or curing. It’s about moving forward, or maintaining. Sometimes all people can do is maintain the bare minimum they need to function. That’s self care. That’s where they are at. Who am I to push Toxic Positivity’s and Ableism’s agenda on my clients? Why would I embrace that trifecta and risk internalizing narratives that only serve to guilt & shame us? Ableism is prevalent in the medical system, this includes massage therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture. It can be a harrowing task to feel like you can find someone who understands where you’re at and won’t make you feel like you don’t have a choice.

At Bodywork with Aera, you’ll be working with a spoonie who takes care of spoonies.



  • Listing ID: 1062
  • License Number: MA60668404
  • Service Location: At My Office
  • Gift Certificates Available: No
  • Professional Trade: No
  • Modalities: Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release (MFR), Neuromuscular, Treatment Massage
  • Insurance Accepted: None
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1817 Queen Anne N. #407Seattle,Washington,98109

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