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Scott Drapeau Olympia Massage

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Treatment Massage Changes Lives!

Life can be a pain in the neck.  Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary to be a better parent, partner and human being.  If you are going to the same massage and getting the same dead-end results, it’s time to start getting a treatment massage  Here are benefits of treatment massage:


Lower your blood pressure, reduce toxins, and promote healing.  Treatment massage is important for your long term health!


Does your lower back hurt from long days sitting at the desk?  Does your neck hurt after picking up those kids?  An old sports injury from your active days?  This massage is designed to FIX your problems, not just rub your back.


Do you have screen neck?  Are you experiencing carpal tunnel from all the Zoom meetings?  Sitting is almost as unhealthy as smoking.  Get your posture fixed with treatment massage!


Are you already on your fitness journey?  Want to perform better, not feel as sore and be ready to kick ass?  Perform better in everyday life with treatment massage

Don’t Live in Pain, Get a Massage!

Living with pain isn’t something you need to keep doing.  Parenting is hard on your body.  Getting strong and fit is tough.  Living a healthy life isn’t easy in today’s society.  Book a massage tonight and start taking care of yourself!

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  • Listing ID: 719
  • License Number: MA60900777
  • Service Location: At My Office, Mobile at Your Location
  • Gift Certificates Available: Yes
  • Professional Trade: No
  • Modalities: Body Tempering, Deep Tissue, Medical Massage, Myofascial Release (MFR), Sports Massage, Treatment Massage, Trigger Point
  • Insurance Accepted: L&I (Workers Comp), Third Party Auto Accident (Third Party PIP)
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